Some aspects that motivated the development of iRain

Irregular irrigation

In irrigation process, the whater must be spread arround uniformly, so iRain prevent irrigation when is windy. This avoids watering places that don't have plants or grass.

Excessive use of water

Because the garden soil is no uniform, the water absortion is not equal from garden to garden. The soil humidity sensor measures the need of water in the garden.

Irrigation when there is likely to rain

Using the weather forecast up to 3 days, iRain determines if it's appropriate irrigate your garden today or wait for tomorrow, because it is expected to rain.

Irrigation on periods of large evaporation

Does not make sense water the garden if it is very hot, because the water that was suposed to infiltrate the soil will evaporate due the high temperature, at that momment. iRain will choose the best time to irrigate your garden.


iRain Sensors

This are the sensors used by iRain module. The data is collected and processed by intelligent algorithm to make decicions for watering.

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